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Here you can see our current projects happening around the Township

Work Update Last Month

  • Potholes were filled on Old Valley Road

  • Ditches were cleaned and graded on Wild Flower Road

  • Ruts and potholes were fixed on Pea Vine Road

  • Potholes / entrance to 970 fixed on Hartman Road

  • Filled shoulders / potholes and did ditch work on Red Jacket Road

  • Started outfitting trucks for winter maintenance

Traffic Cone


Road work season is coming to a close.  We will continue to perform road maintenance.

Road Constuction

Simeling Run Improvements in Boggs Community Park

05/31/2022 Boggs Township has been awarded a grant of $3,600 to improve a section of the stream in our park.  This project was started Tuesday May 31st, 2022 and has been completed. Thank you goes out to Rachel Kester from the Coldwater Heritage Partnership, Kelly Williams from Clearfield County Conservation District, Trout Unlimited and Drew King from Fish & Boat for their involvement with the work that was done.

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